Why I can not follow on Instagram of man


How Instagram protects itself from bots and spammers

Having started its work as a mobile service for the exchange of amateur photo, Instagram quickly outgrew its original functionality. Now it is a powerful business tool that allows suppliers, advertisers and marketers to promote their products, work and services to millions users.

To facilitate their work, similar business structures are massively involves bots – special programs that allow automatically subscribe and unsubscribe from multiple accounts, like and conduct other necessary operations. Such We can often see bots on Instagram They subscribe to our pages under the guise of another “watch store”, like our photos in random order, call for mutual subscription. The bots do not have practical benefits for the average user, this just a convenient tool to promote your business in Instagram


Using bots on Instagram allows you to effectively wind up likes and subscriptions

Seeing the massive influx of bots, the Instagram administration went to steps that block and reduce the functionality of such programs. Now when performing a mass subscription (unsubscribe) for a short period time you automatically fall under anti-bot (anti-spam) sanctions of the administration of this social network.

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Why can’t I follow Instagram on of man

According to the above, if the system after clicking on the subscription button makes it active again after a couple of seconds again.

This may be caused by the following factors:

  • you subscribe too fast (follow) one user for to others;
  • You have exceeded the current limit of subscriptions per hour (for some data of 20-3 0 people per hour);
  • you have reached the maximum limit of available followers (7500 human);
  • you use various spam applications and Services;
  • More than one person is logged into your account;
  • user set restrictive settings privacy;
  • accidental failure of Instagram.

    Privacy Settings

    User-set privacy settings may restrict the ability to subscribe to this account

As you can see, all of the above behavior is under suspicion on spamming activity of bots or the owner of the account. IN In this case, the subscription option may be blocked, and the user will receive the following message:

Temporary lock

A message about a temporary lock on Instagram

The duration of the lock is individual, and can be from 20 minutes to several days. We recommend not to check the lock every couple of minutes, and wait a couple of days until the system itself will remove the imposed restrictions.

If you don’t want to wait, then a few can help. tips for solving the problem of subscribing to people in Instagram.

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What to do if you can’t subscribe

Below we will outline effective tips to avoid Instagram subscription blocking:

No. Actions Features
1 Use an alternative login on Instagram device If you use Instagram on a mobile, use PC website. If using a PC, install the application on mobile (Android, iOS).
2 Log out of your account and then log in again Sometimes this method helps.
3 Reinstall the application Uninstall it from your phone, restart the gadget, and then reinstall the latest version of the application on your smartphone.
4 Follow users on Facebook Launch on your Instagram, go to your profile there, click top button with three vertical lines. Choose the option “Friends on Facebook. “Then try again to subscribe to the desired account


The usual reason that you can’t subscribe to the application Instagram on a specific person is a temporary block your ability to subscribe (unsubscribe) from the right people. it associated with the anti-spam policy of the site administration, and is being treated simple expectation (1-3 days). After that the option will be restored and you can continue to take advantage of opportunities applications in standard mode.

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