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  • 1 What is Wildberries?
  • 2 How to call the hotline using toll free number
  • 3 How can contact center staff help the telephone
  • 4 How to find the Wildberry pickup point on your own the city
  • 5 Other communication methods
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What is wildberries?

Wildberries is one of the largest online stores where presents the things of many world brands. This is clothes cosmetics, health products, toys, books, various things by which coziness is created in the house, and many others. other order things in this online market is distinguished by one feature. Product it is possible to purchase only if there is a point in the village Shipment at own expense or courier delivery. As in any store, in Wildberry sometimes there are various difficulties that resolved after a call to managers. And then we will analyze the ways with with the help of which they can be contacted for free the telephone.

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How to call a hotline using toll free number

Contact Center employees on the other end of the wire try to provide full support and give customers high-quality consultation.

Phone number: Region:
8-495-775-55-05 For buyers living in Moscow and Moscow area. This number is paid at current rates. the operator.
8-800-100-75-05 All around Russia. Free hotline call Wildberries.

How can call center staff help by phone?

Wildberry specialists help every customer decide a variety of issues arising in the process of acquiring goods in the online market.

For example, such as:

  • choosing the right product;
  • placing an order on the store website;
  • consultation on the availability of products;
  • selection of the correct size;
  • familiarization with the terms of delivery;
  • clarification of the operating modes of points of issue of orders in a particular city, etc.

The contact center works round the clock without interruptions, so that clients receive timely professional advice For all questions.

How to find the Wildberry pickup point on your own the city

It is possible to contact employees by special telephone point of issue in your city. In order to find out the desired number, click on “Addresses” in the upper right corner of the site, next to the entrance and basket.

All items Wildberry

Pickup points addresses

The addresses of all points of issue can be viewed either simple a list, or with their location on a map of Russia.

List of pickup points

List or map

First, let’s work with the list. Choose your from the list a city, for example, Zvenigorod. If in the selected population paragraph several pickup points, then their number will be indicated in brackets. So, after choosing a city, we see a menu with addresses and telephones. Choose the item we need.

Wildberries pick-up points

List of points of issue of Zvenigorod

A phone number, hours of operation, directions of travel and location of the item on the map.

Information about the point of issue in Zvenigorod

Phone of the selected pickup point

By calling this phone number, we can chat with the employees of this point of delivery of goods purchased at Wildberry.

We are looking for a pickup point on the map. Go back to alphabetical signpost.

Back to the list of cities

Go back to index

Automatically opens a map with the designation of each pickup point. Choose the one you want, click on the letter W, denoting Wildberries, and in the pop-up picture we look at the whole information we need.

Contact Information for Pickup Point in Arzamas Wildberry

Map Search Result

In a similar way (using the card) it is possible to find phones MGTS support services. If you have difficulty finding an item issuance, then it can be found through a special address bar.

How to quickly find a pickup point

Search string

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Other communication methods

There are alternative ways to contact company managers. Wildberry. To see everything at once, go to the section “Contacts”.

Contacting Wildberries

Full company contact information

There are many ways to contact employees of the company. For example, if you click on the circle with WB, then a chat with a specialist will open on the page, where it is possible to describe your problem in detail and get an exhaustive consultation.

How to get into Wildberry chat

Open chat with WB

Through Viber and Telegram messengers you will only write if The computer has the appropriate applications installed. For contact with Wildberries employees use VK, OK social networks. Here Skype and email are specified (several addresses for various questions), as well as the opportunity to make a call from site. If you can’t solve the problem in the usual way, you can create an appeal to the administration, which is considered in during the day.


We examined how to call a toll-free number. on the Wildberry line. Also understood how to do it yourself find out the contact number of the desired pick-up point in your city, and Learned about other ways to contact company specialists.

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