Wuauserv loads the processor on Windows 7


What is the Wuauserv service in Windows 7 responsible for?

Updates in Windows 7

Updates in Windows 7

On Windows 7, the Wuauserv service is responsible for OS update. She does useful work, but some users for certain reasons prohibit automatic downloading and installing updates, while others completely disable corresponding function.

When a user disables Windows Update in the “Panel management, “the service still remains operational. In the result, for whatever reason, Wuauserv is still can do the job, thereby creating an unnecessary load on computer processor.

At the same time, there is no Wuauserv process in the task manager. He is there displayed as svhost.exe, which is one of the main system processes. Therefore, if you remove it from execution, it’s here will appear again.

How to eliminate the load on the CPU and RAM that the service creates Wuauserv

Services in Windows 7

Services in Windows 7

Since Windows updates are disabled, the user does not need to, for the Wuauserv service to do some work. Concerning you can easily disable this service without worrying about stable functioning of the operating system after appropriate action will be performed.

To disable the Wuauserv service and, as a result, eliminate excessive load on the processor and RAM The following steps must be completed:

  1. Open the “Control Panel”;
  2. Select “System and Security”;
  3. Select “Administration” – “Services”;
  4. In the list, find “Windows Update”;
  5. Click on the appropriate item;
  6. In the dropdown menu “Launch Type” select “Disabled”;
  7. Apply settings.

After that, Wuauserv should stop loading the processor and Operational Memo Windows 7.

Wuauserv Service on Windows 7

Wuauserv Service on Windows 7

How to fix the problem when Wuauserv loads the processor, but update windows 7

If you still plan to periodically download and install updates, then you are not recommended to choose “Startup type:” Disabled. “If you do this, then every time there is a need or desire to deliver updates, you have to go to the “Services” and turn on service.

Instead, in the “Startup Type” select “Manually”. If you do this, then when you go to Update Center and run the check updates, the service will automatically start. However, until then, he will not do any work.

Yes, the service will not finish its work upon completion of the download updates. However, do not worry about this. After receiving Windows updates usually require the user to restart a computer. When this is done, the service will again be off.

Also eliminate Wuauserv’s PC resource load Windows 7 may help enable updates. Perhaps for someone the relevant option will be more acceptable than disabling the service.

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