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For what reasons the user cannot use Facebook

The message “You cannot use Facebook at this time” may appear when the system suspected any problems with your account. You could create a new page with the same information, enter your page from a suspicious network. But in Facebook, like other web services, carefully monitors activity user. Therefore, you may receive a message in which you will be asked to confirm some data. For example, send image that identifies you as the true owner pages. Moreover, it must be unique.

Verification can be performed both automatically and manually. After downloading the image, it will be checked and, if everything is OK, you will again have access to the social network. Under suspicion may get different user actions. You could create and Post your posts from one country. But when did you have to visit another, facebook system determines change geolocation data, and sends a confirmation request account.

In many cases, an account can be “arrested” for up to 72 hours. While the data will be verified, you will not be granted access to the page. This is the policy of Facebook. But you can’t say that from you nothing depends. The service has Russian-language support. therefore you need to contact here first to solve the problem a problem.

Why Facebook blocks user pages

Before contacting technical support, you can try to get around such a lock. And there are ways to do this. You you can try to change your network address through programs or browser extensions. These are all kinds of VPNs. They will help in that. in case your network aroused suspicions in the Facebook system. Not It’s possible that your account could simply be blocked for Violations of the rules of conduct on the site.

Most often, accounts are blocked:

  • You have provided false information in your profile;
  • Gross insults of other members of the social network;
  • On the avatar as your photo is set animal, frames from a film, etc .;
  • Frequent edits of your information on the page;
  • If other users do not like your comments, they may complain. And the system will immediately take action;
  • Infringement of someone’s copyright;
  • The publication of sharp negative statements about political figures or parties, etc.

Users are blocked if in their information you indicated one country of residence, and the system determined that in in reality you are in another. Therefore always try indicate real data in your profile. Or do not specify in general, if possible.

What to do to fix the error on Facebook

If you meet a message at the entrance: at the moment you are not can use Facebook, you must first install causes. In the social network, this can be done in several ways. TO Unfortunately, there are no telephone numbers for communication. But big the number of forms and means of calling the support operator for dialogue. By going to this page You can find a topic where similar problems are solved. Try apply through the form. Click on this page at the top of the “Set question”.


Facebook Ask Question Button

You will need to choose a topic, subtopic and write your own message. Enter the appropriate text that appears on screen at your entrance. And when you are offered a list already If there are similar topics, click below. “I have a new question.” Now in the form enter the appeal text. Also on every Facebook page You can select the question mark icon. Click on the button here. “Report a problem”.


Facebook Report Problem Button

Contacting Facebook Technical Support

On this support page you can inform the administration that they have encountered an entry problem. Describe detail your case and send the text. Here is another link, which leads to a form of appeal to the administration in case of problems with main page.

It is possible that an error has occurred and you will be able again soon use your account. Message that you are currently can’t visit your facebook page doesn’t necessarily mean that your account has been blocked. And after checking your system everything will fall into place.

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