You haven’t signed in, or your previous session has expired. Please sign in again – what to do


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  • 1 What does the error mean “You haven’t signed in, or your previous session has expired. Please sign in again ”
  • 2 What to do if an error occurs in AliExpress when pay
  • 3 Register a new user on AliPay
  • 4 Other Ways to Get Rid of the “You haven’t signed in— ”

What does the error mean “You haven’t signed in, or your previous session has expired. Please sign in again ”

This text from English can be translated as: “You are not logged in, or your session has expired. Please repeat authorization. “But when you purchase, users are already in their Aliexpress accounts. It’s not clear what the store system is yet wants from us. It turns out that the store requires entry into Alipay. This the so-called buffer payment system. Which stores money with transactions between you and the seller until settlement.

Alipei is a local safe for virtual of money. Without it, the whole store would not exist Aliexpress. Since we (buyers) would have to pay directly to the bank account of the seller. Thus there would be no such function like “Returns” and the like. therefore Alipay system is important to everyone parties.

AliPay is also a popular virtual system money in china. The wallet is an analogue of WebMoney for the CIS countries. A also PayPal for residents of Europe and America. The Chinese can use Alipay virtual money to calculate fares public transport, pay for food, do shopping in stores. Like other systems, Chinese virtual money is trying to become international. And today, even citizens Russia may register their own online wallet in Alipei.

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What to do if an error occurs in AliExpress when paying

“You haven’t signed in, or your previous session” error resolved has expired. Please sign in again “most often by registration or authorization in Alipay. I must also say that this monetary the system for Russian citizens is not very convenient. Since you encounter a whole bunch of problems when withdrawing funds from this wallet. In the meantime, let’s look at the authorization process for those who already has an account in Alipei. To get rid of the error, you you also need to untie your bank card and add new one.


  1. Open your profile on AliExpress;
  2. Next, select the welcome block, which is located on the right up;
  3. Нажмите на пункт “My Alipay” Мой Alipay

    Пункт меню “Мой Alipay”

    и выберите “Score” ;


    Click on “Account”

  4. Then click OK. The system will take you to payment system where you will need log in / register.

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Registration of a new user on AliPay

The registration process on Alipay is standard for such systems.

Next, we consider it for those who have not encountered such services:

  1. Open the address in your browser:;
  2. Click on the button below “Go to Alipay “;

    Button to go

    Button to go to Alipay

  3. Next you need to enter your registration email and code;

    Enter e-mail

    Enter e-mail and verification code

  4. In the form further, you need to click on the agreement button or on English “Confirm”;
  5. You will see the following form that you need to fill out. Enter password, numbers should not be repeated several times in a row, should not go in order. Answer a couple of security questions;
  6. Then click the button to continue, and then “Go to Alipay”;
  7. If you are logged in, at the top you can find Bank card icon. Click it and select “Edit maps”;
  8. Opposite the linked map will be the “Delete” button, press it and you untie the card.

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Other ways to get rid of the “You haven’t signed in— ”

If you thought the process of untying a bank card was too confusing, you can try to solve the error in another way. For of this you need to log out of your account on the store website Aliexpress. This button is at the top right.


  1. Close the browser and restart the computer;
  2. Reopen the browser from which you used Aliexpress;
  3. Press the menu button. In different web navigators, she can be in different places. For example, Mozilla Firefox browsers and Chrome they are in the upper right. And they look like a few horizontal stripes;


    Menu Button in Mozilla Firefox Browser

  4. In the browser menu, select “Settings”;
  5. In the settings you can find the search bar. She helps users quickly open the desired option. Enter the request in the window “Cache”;

    Search line

    Search bar in browser settings

  6. In the cache settings you need to delete these files. Do the same with cookies and history by entering relevant requests into search.

After which you will need to restart your browser and open Aliexpress website. So, as you have already deleted cookies, you must re-enter registration data at the entrance to the online store. When you log in, try to make a purchase again. To check if the error “You haven’t signed in, or your previous session has expired. Please sign in again “.

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