How to download Telegram for computer and phone in Russian


Telegram is a special application designed for smartphones and computers. Use it for free. exchange messages online by sending them to unlimited quantity. It doesn’t matter where the subscriber is located, if his mobile device installed this program, you can communicate with each other. How to download Telegram latest version for Phones and computers are more detailed in this article. Telegram official version in Russian IN application you can send text messages and multimedia, while the size of the files should not be more than 1 Gigabytes. When registering with Telegram, a code will be sent to you activation.

How to download telegram for free on the phone

Messengers first appeared on the foreign market, but 3 years ago Pavel Durovrussified these programs, they easier to use. The registration process is very simple and intuitive to every user. In the beginning you need to download its a smartphone, and the application will be tied to your phone number. After synchronization with recorded in the telephone book numbers, you will immediately see which of the subscribers you can chat using this messenger.

Authorization is possible by sending SMS messages, in which will contain the activation code. As an alternative options you can take a phone call, operator will dictate the code to enter it in the appropriate field. After authorization you will become a full user and get an opportunity to study the functions available in the program.

You can download the Android Telegram from Play Market link.

Download Telegram to computer

As of March 2014, the number of registered in the service there were about 35 million people. In the USA and Europe, the number of downloads overtook Even the Facebook messenger for smartphones. it The app can be purchased atAppStore in 48 countries.

download telegrams for iPhone for free

Parent of the project – Pavel Durov – creator “In contact with”. The application initially became experimental. the work of brother P. Durov — Nicholas. During the experiment it was necessary to test MProto when high loads. 08/14/2013 the first version for devices was released, working on iOS.

Download Telegram for Windows in Russian

08/22/2013 one of the participants Durov’s Android Challenge, which I installed for programmers, suggested the 1st Telegram compatible version for mobile devices running on Android. The winter of 2014 became the web version of the program is also popularized.

You can download the web version of Telegram for a computer from officially site by reference.

telegram for windows 7

In the summer of 2016 in stores NetworkAppStoreTelegramHD appeared for IPhone and iPad. The official website of the company uses TelegramHD version suitable for all devices types of platforms.

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